HONORABLE MENTION FINALIST DANILA TRAMACERE______To find out more about the artist and for direct purchase enquiries, contact Daniela Tramacere here via her artist WEBSITE or her INSTAGRAM profile.

CAN YOU HEAR THE SILENCE I 2019 I Oil on canvas I 100 x 80 cm I Not for sale
MEMORY STEALS THE TIME I 2018 I Oil on canvas I 100 x 70 cm I Not for sale

ABOUT THE ARTIST_____Working exclusively with oil, acrylic and mixed media on canvas, Danila’s expressive and often surreal paintings invite the observer to reflect, to look beyond the surface of our conscious minds.

Inspiration_____Danila draws inspiration from within and without. From her inner life and emotions and also themes like quantum physics, spirituality, altered states of consciousness and the concept of parallel universes.

Born in Germany to Italian parents, figurative and abstract artist Danila Tramacere has traveled extensively, living in various countries across the world. Her time spent exploring the globe has given her an international perspective, which inspires her imaginative, colourful paintings. Today, she resides in Switzerland and embarked on her creative journey after taking private art lessons and experimenting.

HONORABLE MENTION FINALIST ANNA SCHILL______To find out more about the artist and for direct purchase enquiries, contact Anna Schill here via her artist INSTAGRAM profile.

EVE I 2022 I Oil on canvas I 90x 90 cm I 3200 Euro
ADAM I 2022 I Oil on canvas I 90 x 90 cm I 3200 Euro

ABOUT THE ARTIST_____Anna Schill is a native Russian painter born in the Siberian city of Novosibirsk and based in Worpswede today. She studied Free Painting and Art Education at Novosibirsk Academy of Arts. She was still in Russia when she started to create as an artist, while at the same time heading an Art School for children and adults. Over the years she gained experience in different painting techniques. Her signature style is a reaction against the abstract Expressionism that has been dominating since the mid–20th century. Instead, she embraced symbolical, narrative and figurative style.
Today her main focal points are classical oil and watercolor painting. In the meantime, along with many works in the domain of landscape painting and still life, her focus has settled on the „realistic symbolism“. Through her paintings she is creating a narrative, using symbolism and human body. Biblical motifs, myths and legends inspire her art.

„Eve & Adam“ is a diptych that breaks a biblical narrative and attempts to show how men are being discriminated in today´s world. This is a woman´s world. Her body is her choice, she´s still seductive, apples are the sighn of her absolute power over men.

HONORABLE MENTION FINALIST & BEST NEWCOMER ARTIST FATIMA ATEEQ______To find out more about the artist and for direct purchase enquiries, contact Fatima Ateeq here via her artist INSTAGRAM profile.

BAGGAGE I 2022 I Oil on canvas I 21 x 32 inches I 1800 USD
EPIPHANY POEM I 2022 I Oil on canvas I 48 x 37 inches I 2000 USD

ABOUT THE ARTIST_____Fatima Ateeq is a Pakistan-based visual artist who was born in 1998. She graduated in 2022 with a bachelor’s degree in fine arts from Pakistan’s esteemed University of the Punjab College of Arts & Design. She has been a part of Al- Hamra art Center’s young artist exhibition. She also has been 2nd placeholder in Uzbekistan and Pakistan cultural competition and was shortlisted in the artist residency Dubai programme 2022. Currently, Fatima resides and works in Lahore, Pakistan.

HONORABLE MENTION FINALIST EBERHARD MARX______To find out more about the artist and for direct purchase enquiries, contact Eberhard Marx here via his artist WEBSITE

NORDISCHES APFELSCHÄLWERK I 2020 I Oil on canvas I 80 x 60 cm I 2600 Euro
WASSERMUSIKALISCHER JUNGBRUNNEN I 2021 I Oil on canvas I 80 x 60 cm I 2600 Euro

ABOUT THE ARTIST_____Eberhard Marx tells us stories and shares lived fantasies and lays them out in his pictures with the touch of a master.
The past meets the future and is transformed into a train of thought that leads us to truths that are embedded in an often distorted environment.
What is the cat doing on the roof between all those drainpipes? How did that tree get into the car wreck? What or who will be suspended from the rope next to it?
No questions are resolved here, it‘s left up to the viewer to seek out and discover answers.
The artist leads us into a world that appears to only belong to him and that he releases for contemplation to those who understand them and wish to share them with him.
He has genuinely learnt his trade, the drawing and painting techniques have been refined to the extent that is essential for his Fantastical Style of Painting. This enables us to enjoy figurative seeing without distraction.
If we allow ourselves to take a step into the unknown and to create Visionaries and the Fantastic, we will discover, experience and perceive much that is new in the art of Eberhard Marx.

HONORABLE MENTION FINALIST WU JI DI______For more information about Wu Ji Di please contact the Art Empire Gallery

GLUTTONY OF NIGHT I 2022 I Oil and acrylic I 186 x 60(top)110 cm(bottom) I 23500 USD
CARNIVAL I 2021 I Oil and acrylic I 186 x 60(top)110 cm(bottom) I 23500 USD I

ABOUT THE ARTIST_____In 2008, Wu Ji Di graduated from the Oil Painting Department of the Academy of Fine Arts of Shanghai University. The oil painting „Waiting“ won the 2008 China University Art Works Annual Excellence Award, and he was a member of the University Artists Association in the same year. In May 2010, works such as „Dream in the Garden“ participated in the Songjiang Cafe Dennis four-person exhibition „Operation-Work“. In 2011, his work „Marine Memory“ was shortlisted for the 6th Shanghai Art Exhibition. On August 18, 2012, he participated in the “Paper-Pen-Tao” three-person illustration art exhibition of Vanke Mill, Gubei, Shanghai. In January 2013, as an invited young artist, he went to Taiwan to communicate with Shanghai Traveler Media. At the same time, he was also an invited illustrator for the cover and inside pages. In April 2015, he went to Hong Kong to shoot a short documentary at the invitation of Shanghai Traveller Media. The work „Portrait of the trimmed“ was nominated for the 2015 Primio combat prize in Italy. The work was shortlisted in the Luxembourg Art Prize in 2019 and 2020. The work “Carnival” , “Gluttony of night” was selected for VISUAL ART OPEN UK & INTERNATIONAL ARTIST AWARDS 2022.

HONORABLE MENTION FINALIST ZANA WENSEL______To find out more about the artist and for direct purchase enquiries, contact Zana Wensel here via her artist WEBSITE or her INSTAGRAM profile.

IT STARTED WITH A FEELING I 2021 I Graphite on paper I 11 x 14 inches I Price on request
EVEN STILL, EVERYTHING REMAINS I 2021 I Graphite on paper I 11 X 14 inches I Price on request

ABOUT THE ARTIST_____Zana Wensel is a multidisciplinary artist on Treaty 6 Land in Edmonton, AB, Canada. Throughout her artistic practice, she explores the interrelationship between trauma, healing, and the body, and examines the ways in which our most-inner and outer experiences are connected. Informed by various levels of interoception (the sensing of the internal body state), Zana employs hand and body-based practices such as sewing, drawing, and performance as a way of bringing consciousness to the body’s otherwise unconscious experiences. Through these means, she explores the body as both a site and conduit for self-realization, (re-)connection and healing, and weaves these threads into the greater landscapes of neurobiology, ecology, and spirituality. In doing so, she creates interactive and sensory installations that aim to re-embody, and give voice to the fabric of our human existence.


SELECTED ARTWORKS BY JASON ENGELBART_____To find out more about the artist and for direct purchase enquiries, contact Jason Engelbart here via his artist WEBSITE or his INSTAGRAM profile.

ABOUT THE ARTIST_______Inspired by the baroque masterpieces of the 17th century, Jason Engelbart creates his sacred-abstract digital neo paintings from his extensive cycle of works THE JOY OF BEING. The underlying historical works experience a current perceptual dimension and at the same time the impression of déjà vu arises when viewing the abstract paintings. Through his characteristic form of a digital painting process, the abstract restaging of Baroque painting, Engelbart builds a finely balanced bridge to contemporary art without disenchanting.

Jason Engelbart lives and works in Hamburg, Germany.

CELEBRATION OF LIGHTNESS I 2022 I Digital Neo Painting I 160 x 120 cm I 6100 Euro
DAYDREAM OF RISING PEACE I 2022 I Digital Neo Painting I 110 x 100 cm I 4600 Euro

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