We are pleased to have the internationally renowned artist Jason Engelbart for our first virtual solo exhibition. Engelbart describes his artistic practice as being driven by his search for the perfect moment, „the moment of perfect love and the divine“. Inspired by the works of Baroque masters, his pieces invite viewers to consider the spaces of our lives that we are able to perceive at a subtle level, but that which we often forget or ignore in our day-to-day. His oeuvre of digital neopaintings has been honored with numerous awards, most recently the 4ART World Award in 2021. His works are shown in numerous national and international exhibitions, such as Amory Art Weeks New York, Art Basel Miami, Swiss Art Expo Zurich, Lucca Art Fair Italy and more.


In the 2nd Edition, the group exhibition entitled SECRETS, ART EMPIRE GALERIE presents works by the artists TINA OELKER, CLAUDIA MÄCHLER and SABINA SAKOH. 

The title SECRTES of this exhibition unites all three exhibitors insofar as their works radiate a mysterious spell that arouses the curiosity of the viewer and encourages him to question the mere image and to trace the secret behind it. Discover the many facets of these extraordinary female artists and let yourself be enchanted by the secrets behind their works of art!

The exhibition will be on display in our online gallery from November 25, 2022 to January 06, 2023.

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