The ART EMPIRE GALLERY is always on the lookout for new talents and emerging artists. And our ART COLLECTORS and ART LOVERS are always open-minded to new artistic positions and are curious about new discoveries of our gallery. We look forward to receiving your submission for one of our ART EMPIRE AWARD open calls. 


With periodical open calls, we invite international artists to participate in our specially themed ART EMPIRE AWARDS. The winners’ works will be presented in our online ART EMPIRE GALLERY in the form of virtual reality 3D solo or group exhibitions – according to the topic of a solo or group exhibition award and the predefined content of the open call.


The works submitted for the awards will be judged based on creativity, visionarity, quality of work and general artistic ability. The winners will be selected based on the quality of the individual entries as well as the quality of the overall work.


The three works submitted to the competition by the AWARD WINNER  and the HONORABLE MENTION FINALISTS will be published in our FINALIST GALLERY with their names and links to their website and social media profile for direct contacting. In this way, art sales can be handled directly by the artists. The gallery does not charge a commission on the sales.

In addition, an interview  with the AWARD WINNERS will be published on our website. And of course, the winners and finalists will also be promoted on our Instagram gallery profile and in our newsletters for friends of the gallery and art collectors, with up to now more than a thousand subscribers.


Check out the current open call and the submission guidelines here in the FOR ARTISTS menu.

We are looking forward to your submission!

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Our mission is characterized by visionarity, diversity, artistic freedom and, of cause, our passion for the arts.

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